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Fitness & Wellbeing

What We Do
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Group classes designed to help build your strength and cardiovascular fitness.
Body Sculpt, Cycle, and Mama's Bootcamp are guaranteed to make you sweat and tone up.
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Personal Training
One-to-one sessions are fun yet challenging, tailored to your individual needs.
You will receive ongoing support to help you stay on track and smash your fitness goals.
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Pregnancy Yoga is a beautiful opportunity to connect with your body and baby.
Yoga Flow, Restorative Yoga, Buddha Beats focus on strength, movement, and breath to calm body and mind.
I also offer private sessions.
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Life & Health Coaching
This holistic, and truly unique coaching programme is designed around your body, mind and soul....where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.

Let me take you on a 6 week journey as we change your lifestyle to create the happiest healthiest version of you.
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Breathwork is an ancient meditation practice known for its physical and psychological benefits.


Breathwork benefits include: relaxation, reduced anxiety, boosted energy levels, emotional wellbeing, heightened self-awareness, and improved sleep.

I also offer private sessions.

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What People Say

"Personal Training with Fit Mama Surrey has created serious change for me in 3 months and has been such a motivator too. It is amazing training which finally works for my body. I just put on a pair of trousers I bought 2 months ago that were so tight for me I could barely sit down. THEY FIT SO MUCH BETTER NOW!!!!


Thanks again for the support and pushing me to reach my goals"

Teresa | -Personal Training


@ fitmamasurrey